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Submitting to The Wild Umbrella means sending your stories, essays, and poems to a team of thoughtful readers and editors who'll take time and care to polish, publish, and energetically promote your work. Submissions are free, and contributors will be paid €10 per poem and €25 per story or essay.

What We're Looking For:


Our fiction team looks forward to reading any and all genres of interesting, genuine, and thought-provoking work; independent stories and stand-alone excerpts from long pieces are welcome, with submissions accepted up to 4,000 words.


1-6 poems of any length; our multidisciplinary poetry team looks forward to reading any genre, structure, topic, or concept that you have to offer. The team is currently enjoying collections by Seán Hewitt, Victoria Kennefick, June Jordan, and Carl Phillips, among plenty of others.


Submit anything less than 4,000 words. Our non-fiction team enjoys reading a wide array of work, including nature, travel, food, sport, and topical/satirical essays (we like humor with an edge).




Submission Guidelines:

Contributor & payment notes:

  • We accept submissions of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry through Duosuma.

  • Submissions are free! Writers will have the option to donate to us when they submit (and we'd appreciate it!). Every donation goes directly toward paying contributors.

  • For an expedited response, donate €10 in Duosuma when you send your work and we will get back to you with a decision in 7-10 working days.

  • Contributors will receive €10 per poem and €25 per fiction story or non-fiction essay.

  • We read every submission carefully, and we aim to contact all submitting writers within 90 days of your submission.

  • If we choose your work for publication, we keep first rights to publish, then return them to the writer, with the understanding that we may use the work in future social media or marketing campaigns.


Genre notes:

  • For fiction and non-fiction submissions: You can submit up to three stories or essays per submission window. Stories and essays can be any length, provided that they are fewer than 4,000 words in total.

  • For poetry submissions: You can send us up to 6 poems. Your poems should be submitted together in a single file, with each poem on its own page.

Simultaneous submissions & document notes:

  • Submitted work must be previously unpublished. However, work that has been self-published on your personal social media or blog is acceptable. Readers of our editors’ showcase will know: we love self-promotion!

  • Under no circumstances will we accept any work that is made – in any part – by AI.

  • Simultaneous submissions are encouraged! Just let us know (either through our submissions manager or via email) if your work is accepted anywhere else so that we can withdraw those pieces from consideration; in this instance, you are welcome to submit different work for consideration.

  • Submissions should be sent in a legible font – Times New Roman, for example – and no smaller than 12pt.

  • Submissions can be sent as PDFs or Word documents.

Commitments to Our Contributors

There are a lot of great new and established journals in Ireland – we love Tolka, Ropes, the Madrigal, and plenty of others – and we'll add to that already-abundant ecosystem. We know we're only as good as our contributors, so we'll keep our writers at the forefront.


During the acceptance process, we’ll lend a hand to elevate your work through suggested edits and feedback, but we leave the final decisions to the creator. We will energetically promote your work on our socials after publication. Our goal is to pay our contributors from the start and to always offer free submissions.

Other Bits & Pieces

Personal Touch

We’ll work with many of our contributors, offering optional feedback to help your stories and poems pop.

Nomination Season

Our editors will nominate our favourite pieces each year for the Best Of The Net and Pushcart Prizes.


We'll promote stories & poems (and you!) as best we can, drawing more attention to your work.

Payment Plans

Contributors we choose to publish will receive €10 per poem and €25 per fiction story or non-fiction essay.

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