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past tense

I’ve walked off dinner

stomach full of giving thanks

for scalloped potatoes and extended family

around a folding table on Long Island

I’ve walked off crushes

tried to force them from my teenaged mind

bouncy energy thrumming, wired headphones twisting in my fingers

cutting off blood

I’ve walked off calories

after allowing dessert, having eaten

too much too fast

shame driven circles around the block

I’ve walked off too slow buses

in bike lanes I’ve allowed for pedestrians—sorry, pedestrian.

I got to work before the M23 rounded the corner

as far as I know

I’ve walked off you

I still am walking, running, jumping,

biking, skipping, flying



Claire Beaver

Claire Beaver is a multidisciplinary writer living and working in New York. Her work has been featured in Last Leaves Magazine, Outspoken, Victory Lapped, and more. Her first chapbook, bones, ashes, fire, was recently released from Bottlecap Press. She is passionate about the power of art and how we interact with it in our daily lives, whether that be conscious or not. She has an M. Phil in Creative Writing from Trinity College Dublin.


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