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Postcard to the Night

I meant to lap up the early fall air like a dog.

I meant to give myself to the night again.

I meant to feel like myself,

to suck every last drop of life from the corner moments,

the ones no one seeks out, which

reward you when you sit and listen.

I want to sit and listen.

I miss the bullfrogs’ mooing and the distant yapping

of the coyotes.

I know I’ve said it but I’ll keep saying it—

I miss the crunch of gravel under my feet

I miss my little stone towers

and the space under the oak tree where

I’d float inside the darkness.

I feel that I’ve lost the nucleus of myself

now that I’m left pressing my nose

against a screen door just to get a taste of

the evening air.


Moriah Brown

Moriah Brown is a poet, novelist, and full-time student at Syracuse University working towards a degree in creative writing. Her poetry has been published in Creation Magazine, The Woolf, and The Passionfruit Review, among others, and has also been featured in Alchemy and Miracles Anthology and Bimbo Feminist Anthology. She is from Fort Worth, Texas, and loves writing, birds, and her cat Nala. 

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