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Plans for After Graduating

Shapeshift into a stray cat,

live on the scraps I can beg.


Pick apart the seams on all my shirts,

then sew them back together

with the sleeves mixed up.


Dig a network of tunnels under my town,

and take up residence in them.

Break every clock I see.


Leave the fields of my future wild, 

my calendar unconquered land.


Spend the next five decades writing

a single poem that will be forgotten,

then rediscovered by a civilisation

built on the flooded remains of ours.


Or, failing all that, 

find an internship?


Becca Miles

Becca used to be a biologist who wrote to procrastinate and accidentally procrastinated their way into a Creative Writing BA. They've published individual poems in More Exhibitionism, BFS: Horizons, and Vortex. In 2020 they contributed twelve poems to the joint collection Steel-Tipped Snowflakes.


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