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In the waterfall of time

that brilliant droplet in the corner

That’s me

In the evolutionary chain

the resplendent link

connecting my father and my daughter

That’s me

The distinct dark dot 

in the photograph of

the sea of humanity?

That’s my face

Just as the plane lands

you see the cars crawling like a line of ants

It’s me, most definitely me 

in the fourth car

Individuality is translated from his Tamil original by the author


Poet G. B. Prabhat
G. B. Prabhat

G. B. Prabhat is a bilingual writer who writes in English and Tamil. His debut collection of Tamil poems, “Engiruntho Vanthavai” (Of Unknown Origin), was published in October 2020 by Cre-A, a leading Tamil publisher. Prabhat’s first English novel, "Chains," was published in 2000 to critical acclaim. "Eimona," his second novel published in 2006, is a dystopian story set in modern India that has been compared with "Brave New World" and "1984". His third novel, "Early Indications," is the story of five children christened 'the Five geniuses' by their doting first school teacher. Prabhat's English short stories and other work have appeared in Asia Literary Review, The Hindu, The Indian Express, Liquid Imagination, Fiction On The Web and Unlikely Stories. Some stories have been translated into Telugu, Hindi and Punjabi. Prabhat lives in Chennai, India.


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