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Outline of a Soul

Purple paints the day –

   dawn layered in mist,

deer browsing the yard –

   mauve and lavender blending

night into light. Days with you 

   gone are quiet, an inner voice 

speaking comfort, certainty 

   in my soul that you are well, whole.

Beside the fire, flames leap

   from an amethyst tip that crimsons

then flares a refiner’s white-gold.

   I sip tea or sangria, book in lap –

maybe open, maybe not.

   Windows framing this new world

to be re-framed, filled with more 

   than memory and grief.

You are in the noon-high sun –

   shadows small and tender as violets,

waiting to be noticed – and I do.

   Afternoon sighs into dusk, 

shades of heather and grape

   that settle into treetops then branches.

And the moon, as always, rises, 

   sky the color of day-old plums.


Poet KB Ballentine
KB Ballentine

KB Ballentine’s latest collection, Spirit of Wild, launched in 2023. Published in Atlanta Review and Haight-Ashbury Literary Journal, and others, her work also appears in anthologies including I Heard a Cardinal Sing (2022) and The Strategic Poet (2021). Learn more at

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