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Little Polish Girl

I turn the pages of my book

with its black and white

Bible scenes. On us 

and our children! 

Skinny legs dangling 

down his chest, 

grubby hands holding on 

to his temples,

that little girl astride 

her father’s shoulders

can see everything.

Privileged, like Ellen

in my class, the daughter

of our dentist

who said it wouldn’t hurt. 

I’m glad 

it’s not my fault,  

the crucifixion. 

How good it feels 

to blame somebody else.


Headshot of poet Elisabeth Murawski
Elisabeth Murawski

Elisabeth Murawski is the author of Heiress, Zorba’s Daughter (May Swenson

Poetry Award), Moon and Mercury, and three chapbooks. Still Life with Timex won the Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize. A native of Chicago, she currently lives in Alexandria, VA.


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