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if you make it

If you make it to California,

I hope it cures you.

I hope the sunshine burns

your hooked nose,

darkening that bridge of freckles

that came out when we

spent hours laid in blades of grass.

I hope you learn to like the beach

the sand that sticks to you no

matter how you brush it from your

legs. No matter how I brushed it

from your legs.

I hope you buy a pair of sunglasses

from a man with a board of them and

like the way they look in the hand

mirror he holds to you

and the pit in your stomach goes away.

I hope it cures you, the salt and palms

the distance between you and my face

begging you to smile.

I hope you find

that cure

one I couldn’t find for you.


Claire Beaver

Claire Beaver is a multidisciplinary writer living and working in New York. Her work has been featured in Last Leaves Magazine, Outspoken, Victory Lapped, and more. Her first chapbook, bones, ashes, fire, was recently released from Bottlecap Press. She is passionate about the power of art and how we interact with it in our daily lives, whether that be conscious or not. She has an M. Phil in Creative Writing from Trinity College Dublin.

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