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Abraham had Isaac, Isaac had Jacob,

Jacob was the father of Josiah, Josiah had Michael and his brothers,

Michael had Lucas (Janie was the

mother, she painted watercolors

in the barn). Lucas had Matthew who

had Marcus (Elizabeth was the mother,

she sold a few knitted scarves at a

market once). Marcus had Daniel

whose brother was David. David had James who became governor

(Ruth organized theater workshops

for children in their garage). James

had Adam (Maggie kept journals of poetry). Adam was the father of

three boys and a girl. Eric had John

who had William (Kate molded clay

into small birds). William was the

father of Robert who had Finn - who

had Thomas who had Jameson - and

Louise, who against the tide made art.


Grant Burkhardt

Grant is a poet and writer with work featured in or forthcoming in the Great Lakes Review, Nightingale & Sparrow, Icarus, and others. His poem - 'The Thing About People Knowing You Cook' - is a 2023 Sundress Publications 'Best of the Net' nominee. He’s also one of the Umbrella's poetry editors and non-fiction editors, and he was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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